Download Wise Care 365 Free
Download Wise Care 365 Free

Download Wise Care 365 Free


The latest Wise Care 365 Free version is 6.1.6 Build 603. Download the free licence Wise Care 365 Free app for your Windows device.

Download Wise Care 365 Free, All in all, Wise Care 365 Free is a reliable solution that can be used even by those who are not familiar with specialized cleaning apps, since all its features come with concise and clear explanations.

The main window organizes the extracted information is several categories, namely PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector and System Monitor.

Download Wise Care 365 Free

While no interaction is needed per se, you might be required to shut down any open browsers it might detect, to ensure it collects all necessary data to paint a clear picture of your device.

Packs privacy protection-oriented functions

You can turn to Wise Care 365 Free whenever you want to quickly locate all the recoverable files on your drives, then wipe them for good, do nobody can get ahold of them anymore.

Download Wise Care 365 Free
Download Wise Care 365 Free

Needs to perform an in-depth PC analysis

Before you get a chance to discover and assess the functions of this application, you need to allow it to examine the status of your computer.

Moreover, you can even select a certain drive and set the application to investigate it thoroughly and find more useless files that can be removed to free up space.

It is best to access each of these categories one by one and apply whatever fix is available.

Download Wise Care 365 Free
Download Wise Care 365 Free

Another way to increase the overall speed and performance of your computer is to defragment the disk or the registry, while also going over the programs that are set to launch as startup and disable the unnecessary ones.

Cleans and optimizes your computer

Wise Care 365 Free can identify invalid files (such as cache, logs, or temporary files), orphaned or out-of-date registry entries, along with browsing history or recent documents.

It is always a good idea to get rid of these items, as they not only pose a threat to your privacy, but they also take up space on your PC.

You can shred individual files or generate strong passwords to protect your online accounts.

While those in latter category can be trusted to efficiently clean their tracks on their own, beginners are advised to leave the protecting to dedicated software, such as Wise Care 365 Free.

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