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Download WinSCP

Download WinSCP


The latest WinSCP version is 5.19.5 / 5.20 Beta. Download the free licence WinSCP app for your Windows device.

Download WinSCP, Alternatively, WinSCP enables you to discard the default Norton-like interface and, instead, work with an Explorer-like GUI.

Next time you want to connect to a server, doing so will be much easier and faster.

In case the connection is lost, it can automatically try to reconnect.

Download WinSCP

Released under an open-source license, this application streamlines file transfers between a local and a remote workstation, expanding its support to a larger array of protocols.

Download WinSCP
Download WinSCP

Manage your connections with ease

WinSCP comes with a built-in site manager that can help you configure the connection details and store them for later use.

The application features both binary and text transfer modes and it allows simultaneous or background transfers and queue processing.

Download WinSCP
Download WinSCP

As for the supported protocols, WinSCP is not limited to FTP and SFTP, but it also allows connections to Amazon S3, SCP, FTPS or WebDAV.

Norton-like and Explorer-like user interface

Thanks to the double-sided interface, working with WinSCP is easy.

Processing queues and background transfers

Of course, you can use WinSCP to explore files on the local PC and initiate transfers to the remote server.

It mainly targets experienced users who can set up a configuration for a remote connection but, once the connection is established, comparing folders, transferring files and synchronizing content is a walk in the park.

Evidently, the two-sided mode is more comfortable to work with.

Furthermore, it features integration with PuTTY and various other applications.

Powerful and reliable FTP and SFTP client

With more to discover, WinSCP delivers a feature-rich remote transfer client with support for multiple protocols.

For your convenience, WinSCP features shell integration, meaning you can quickly start a new transfer via the Windows context menu.

Once connected to the remote server, you can perform all the regular file operations: cut, copy, move, rename, and so on.

The GUI might remind you of popular file managers and for good reason.

This option can be tweaked in the Preferences window.

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