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Download WinRAR

Download WinRAR


The latest WinRAR version is 6.02 / 6.10 Beta 3. Download the free licence WinRAR app for your Windows device.

Download WinRAR, It enables you to create, organize, and manage archives in a comfortable and quick manner.

On the other hand, it is likely to hamper system resources usage when dealing with time-consuming tasks carried out on very large files, especially if you are relying on weaker hardware configurations.


Download WinRAR

It tackles popular compression formats via an approachable interface and a complex engine that can easily be accessed from the context menu.

Download WinRAR
Download WinRAR

Meanwhile, the application can be asked to verify archive integrity as well as attempt repairing damaged or corrupt archives.

Its also possible to split archives into several smaller volumes to spread them across multiple devices and easily transfer them onto other computers, which is particularly practical when attempting to compress very large files.

Expert users can configure settings concerning the preferred compression method, dictionary size, file update mode, self-extracting archives, recovery records in case of data loss, archive locking, NTFS symbolic and hard links, and many other aspects.

Download WinRAR
Download WinRAR

To wrap it up, WinRAR remains the industry-standard in the compression category.

The industry-standard in compression

During our tests, WinRAR delivered excellent results on file compression and archive extraction regarding speed and file size.

Advanced features for compression and decompression

The available security tools are designed to password-protect archives and optionally encrypt file names to add an extra layer of safety.

Audio and graphics files benefit from a special archiving algorithm that doesnt sacrifice quality.

Files can be backed up before compiling them into archives while virus scans can be executed before extracting files from the archives so that you don’t expose your computer to any risks whatsoever.

Quality compression and multiple disk spanning

The application proposes an advanced approach to compression, which entails creating small archives to save disk space as well as to enable faster file sharing.

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