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The latest Windscribe version is 2.02 Build 10. Download the free licence Windscribe app for your Windows device.

Download Windscribe, On a side note, in case you need to connect to a secondary location or create safe links, then you can consider including the browser extensions.

While it is unlikely that you need to use anything else but the Default mode, there can be times when certain ports are blocked or perhaps, the ISP is performing a deep check of the network.

The function can come in handy in circumstances when you need to restart you computer or your WiFi connection suddenly drops, for instance.

Download Windscribe

It is worth mentioning that the app comes with a firewall function that enables you to disable all current connections that are not established via the VPN client.

As far as the functionality is concerned, you can select a location and the application automatically creates the encrypted connection that allows you to surf the web privately.

Download Windscribe
Download Windscribe

Allows you to switch between three connection modes

You should know that the program features three connections modes that include different ports and can be useful in various situations.

Includes an easy-to-use VPN client

The application comes with a fresh and modern interface that is also well-structured and intuitive, regardless of your experience with operating VPN tools.

Download Windscribe
Download Windscribe

Its also available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

A handy tool that helps you browse the web in anonymity

All in all, if you want to access restricted content for your geographic region, block tracking and make sure that you keep your online activity private from your ISP, then perhaps Windscribe can lend you a hand.

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In other words, the app provides you with an extra layer of protection that prevents the exposure of your real IP address, just in case the connection you are using drops.

In the latter situation, you can just switch to the TCP Backup protocol and if this solution does not allow you to establish a connection, you can opt for the Stealth mode.

However, you should keep in mind that attempting to establish connections from two places simultaneously can slow down your the speed of your Internet.

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