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The latest Winamp version is 2.95. Download the free licence Winamp app for your Windows device.

Download Winamp, Users can also use Winamp to listen to their preferred online radio stations.

Download Winamp

It is just a basic way of playing multimedia files.

Although the application has received a lot of updates in the last few years, some people are still using an older version in an attempt to avoid unnecessarily stressing up their CPU.

Download Winamp
Download Winamp

To end with

All in all, Winamp 2 remains an oldie but a goldie and one cannot really complain that it does not rise up to an expert's expectations.

The application is a very light package, which means it can be installed a lot faster than other similar players.

A quick installation process

Winamp 2 is an old version of the popular Winamp and it is still installed on many Windows workstations out there, although some would argue that it looks like a waste of time because it lacks a lot of advanced features.

Download Winamp
Download Winamp

Since it does not use modern skins, a feature of the latest Winamp iterations, the application is lighter and can work easier even on older machines.

Just as it happens with any audio player, one can configure the file associations straight from the setup kit, as well as the components the application is to bring along.

Keeping the classic look alive

The interface is basic and old-school, but this might be the main reason while people are still using it.

Various tools to work with

The Preferences window is feature-packed, as the software comes with functions such as plugin support, CD ripping or playback for basic video formats.

Cleverly designed and easy to use interface

The main window of Winamp includes the playlist and the equalizer, and even novices can experiment around with the settings and obtain the best quality for their tracks.

Skins can still be installed though, but only the classic ones which do not really stress up the computer more than the standard one.

In case nostalgia strikes, the application is alive to remind you of the good old days.

There are several visualization modes included, and each user can set their favorite as the default one.

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