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Download VeePN

Download VeePN


The latest VeePN version is 1.2.15. Download the free licence VeePN app for your Windows device.

Download VeePN, The first line of defense is the 256-bit encryption, which is still one of the best methods around, as it will take a great amount of time to be cracked by the common brute-force method.

Regarding the programs complexity, its simple and straightforward enough for any user, but it will require some research if you need to get accustomed to all the technical terms and options.

Download VeePN

Regarding the main elements, the app sports a big activation button right in the middle, a country/IP selection combo menu and an expandable screen that holds the rest of the tweaks.

All the settings fit inside a neat and compact interface

The UIs construction follows a pattern that is commonly observed with VPNs — a small window that packs all the necessary features and settings.

Download VeePN
Download VeePN

However, even with unlimited bandwidth, if you opt for a connection that adds some distance between you and its server location, you may experience low download/upload speeds.

Connect to public WIFI does a similar job as the kill switch, but it only activates the VPN when a risky or unsecured Wi-Fi is detected.

The kill switch, if activated, blocks all traffic if the VPN tunnel is lost.

Download VeePN
Download VeePN

No connection or activity logs saved

To dismiss the possibility of data theft or other exploits that some companies are practicing, VeePN proves that individual rights are still a priority and there are not going to be any activity or connectivity logs written or extracted.

The easiest method for securing your online activities is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Besides the encryption and security measures, the tool provides access to over 2500 servers located in around 50 countries (see the country list).

Promising VPN with good coverage

To sum it up, VeePN seems to be a useful app if you decide to go with it.

If you are not decided what VPN you want or just want to try a different one, VeePN could pique your interest.

Also, the traffic and bandwidth are unlimited, so you can surf the Web at decent speeds.

VPNs are not a scarce resource, and as time passes, more related tools are released, so the demand is pretty high.

Furthermore, if you go to settings>security, you can notice the VPN Kill Switch and Connect to public WIFI sliders.

A VPN is able to modify your online print by changing your IP to one from another country, usually picked by yourself.

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