Download Notepad2
Download Notepad2

Download Notepad2


The latest Notepad2 version is 4.2.25 / 5.0.26 Beta 4. Download the free licence Notepad2 app for your Windows device.

Download Notepad2, The bunch of new features combined with the speed and ease of use make out of it a real solid text editor.

With the help of the Alt button and your left mouse click you can select your text under the form of a rectangle.

Download Notepad2

This is done quite easily from the View menu, where you can select from one of the available schemes.

Syntax highlighting is available for XML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, C/C++, Perl, Python and other coding languages.

Download Notepad2
Download Notepad2

Rectangular selection is also possible now.

Notepad2 is a welcomed refresh to the classic program.

Simply put, with the help of this feature you can copy your text from one location into Notepad2 and vice-versa, just like in Microsoft Word.

Download Notepad2
Download Notepad2

And if you're still not satisfied, you should know that you can also customize the app's toolbar.

For example, you can now set the program to always stay on top, make the window transparent, change the function of the Esc key or change the way the window title is displayed.

Speed and ease of use are the main strong points of Notepad, the program's second version keeps these two major features and adds something on the side, such as syntax highlighting.

You are also able to zoom in and out of your text and add indentation guides.

Word Wrap function has been preserved and more than that, now you can edit the wrap settings.

Notepad2 is a an application that gets installed over the classic Notepad and tries to bring to the table a couple of improvements such as syntax highlighting, search and replace for regular expressions or the ability to open shell links.

Another feature that can come in handy is the ability to drag and drop text.

There are a lot of functions that are specially built to make your editing life easier.

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