Download Kaspersky Free
Download Kaspersky Free

Download Kaspersky Free


The latest Kaspersky Free version is Download the free licence Kaspersky Free app for your Windows device.

Download Kaspersky Free, Besides several scanning modes and a real-time guard against incoming malware, it comes equipped with automatic updates, quarantine manager, self-defense mode, and more.

You can get started by downloading the latest virus definitions and running a full scan to see whats going on.

Also, there are several modules greyed out in the UI, which are dedicated to users ready to switch to a premium version of Kaspersky.

Download Kaspersky Free

Because this is basically a lesser version of Kaspersky Internet Security, it has the same appearance and standard options.

You can send suspicious or infected files to the quarantine, examine reports, temporarily disable the real-time guard, allow auto scans when the PC is idle, disable scheduled tasks when running on low battery, and allow the tool to check the PC for rootkits.

Download Kaspersky Free
Download Kaspersky Free

The selective scan mode applies to custom drives, directories or files you find suspicious, while the external device scan is available for any foreign devices that get plugged into your PC, such as external hard disks or USB flash drives.

Most importantly, unlike many free av weve come across during our software expeditions, this one doesnt have third-party offers during setup or banners within the interface.

Download Kaspersky Free
Download Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and had minimal impact on PC performance.

Customize settings or efficiently protect your PC with the default configuration

Furthermore, you can choose the file types to scan, determine the action on thread detection (notify, disinfect, delete, delete only of disinfect isnt possible, autoselect), control the security level (low, recommended, high).

Full and quick scans can be scheduled to run automatically by Kaspersky Free.

However, making the switch isnt mandatory.

Its actually recommended to run full scans on a weekly basis.

Its definitely worth looking into if you cant afford a premium antimalware application just yet.

Theres even a VPN tool shipped with this app, called Kaspersky Secure Connection.

Free antivirus without ads or third-party offers

Free email registration is necessary, though.

Various scan modes, real-time guard, self-protect, and more

Theres also a quick scanning mode that looks only into critical parts of the hard drive where malware agents like to hide, and its advisable to run it as often as possible.

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