Download Foxit PDF Reader
Download Foxit PDF Reader

Download Foxit PDF Reader


The latest Foxit PDF Reader version is Download the free licence Foxit PDF Reader app for your Windows device.

Download Foxit PDF Reader, Foxit PDF Reader supports document signing and certification, providing support for DocuSign as well.

While there are cost-free PDF viewers and even Windows comes with support for opening such documents, there are third-party applications out there that offer so much more than a simple PDF viewer.

As such, you can append notes, callouts, stamps and overlay text boxes onto the pages of a document.

Download Foxit PDF Reader

For instance, it is possible to disable the shell extensions that integrate PDF reading functionality in Windows Explorer.

Images, audio and video content can be attached to the main document.

Download Foxit PDF Reader
Download Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit Reader Video Guide: .

A robust PDF reader fit for anyone

Foxit PDF Reader is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful PDF readers, ready to meet the requirements of the corporate environment.

Bookmarks are available to pinpoint important sections, while the highlighter allows you to visually mark content of interest.

Download Foxit PDF Reader
Download Foxit PDF Reader

You can also toggle either the mouse mode or the touch mode for touch screens.

Foxit PDF Reader is one of them.

Additionally, you can opt for adding plugins to view PDF files in browsers and install Foxit’s spell checker.

A few key features that make a handy PDF reader

Unlike other PDF viewers, Foxit PDF Reader allows you to open multiple PDF files, each in separate tabs.

Furthermore, you can change the security settings according to your preferences.

There is also a “read mode” available, which hides all the unnecessary toolbars and menus to let you enjoy the content without distractions.

Modern-looking PDF reader with additional features

The setup does not take very long, but you are prompted to configure a few settings.

For each file, you can preview its layers, comments, open file or media attachments and validate the signatures, if any available.

Foxit PDF Reader supports text-to-speech, meaning that it can read aloud a selected page or the entire document.

Additional editing functions

While it is only a file viewer, Foxit PDF Reader does provide a few editing tools to take advantage of.

Additionally, a few interesting tools are right there, at your disposal.

Though packed with numerous buttons and menus, the GUI does not seem crowded, leaving plenty of room for viewing any PDF file, rotating or zooming it, as well as easily sharing it with others.

Together with the Foxit PDF Editor, it provides everything you need in terms of PDF management, reading and editing.

Document sharing and collaboration is possible via email, Evernote and OneNote.

Designed to offer an all-in-one package for accessing PDF files, Foxit PDF Reader serves its purpose pretty well.

These and other reasons justify its popularity, especially in the corporate environment.

Moreover, due to the “night mode”, using Foxit PDF Reader during nighttime should not put a strain on your eyes.

Its toolbox is pretty generous, containing options for opening and reading the content of PDF documents in a comfortable manner.

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