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The latest FlashGet version is Download the free licence FlashGet app for your Windows device.

Download FlashGet, The application surely packs enough features to make it fun to work with for all users.

Its incredibly fast and works pretty simple.

FlashGet accelerates your downloads using its implemented technologies, lending a helping hand to users that have unstable and/or slow Internet connections.

Download FlashGet

The best thing about FlashGet is actually the way it works.

Download FlashGet
Download FlashGet

The choice of font is not the most fortunate because it is hard for anyone to read the available options.

Even though its not the best looking of its kind, amount of potential behind the interface leaves nothing more to be desired.

In addition, the lack of an intuitive GUI takes this specific window deeper into oblivion as the sections from the left side of the window do not look like theyre holding any items other than General Settings, Task Manager, Download Settings or Appearance.

Download FlashGet
Download FlashGet

Weve tested FlashGet with Firefox, as the download manager automatically installed a dedicated extension to handle downloads and everything worked like a charm.

Every time you right click a link that leads to a downloadable file, FlashGet comes into play and takes over.

Less beauty, more power

Although the interface is surprisingly good, the Settings window instantly generates wrinkles on your face.

To end with

Overall, FlashGet is a must have, no matter how fast your Internet connection actually is.

The utility can also integrate into your browser and take control over the files you attempt to download while surfing the web.

This way, you dont even need dedicated extensions in your browser, you can simply use this download manager to be up and running.

FlashGet is one of the big guys on the market, with an impressive history and, more importantly, a huge number of users that have confirmed its efficiency.

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