Download CPU-Z
Download CPU-Z

Download CPU-Z


The latest CPU-Z version is 1.98. Download the free licence CPU-Z app for your Windows device.

Download CPU-Z, You might also want to know that the SPD tab, which entails data on module specifications, is quite generous as well.

You can thus take a glimpse of the specifics of your processor and browse through info such as name, package, technology, specification, family, and instructions.

Download CPU-Z

Last but not least, the Bench tab offers a real-time assessment of your computer’s performance.

When it comes to the mainboard, you can find out its manufacturer, model, chipset, and more, along with some interesting details about the BIOS.

Download CPU-Z
Download CPU-Z

What it includes is data on the module size, maximum bandwidth, part and serial number, not to mention that timing tables are integrated as well.

Data-packed GUI that helps you explore your PC from A to Z

Before taking a closer look at the functionality the app integrates, it is worth bringing into discussion the fact that the user interface it prompts you with should feel approachable, which is no surprise, considering the niche the program belongs to.

Download CPU-Z
Download CPU-Z

As such, a multi-tabbed GUI comprises a multitude of details on the most important devices of your system.

Offers details on the processor, mainboard, memory, graphics

Aside from that, if you are curious about the cache levels, you can rest assured that the program provides you with relevant information about that as well.

Can assess your system’s performance in real time

You don’t have to be a connoisseur in order to be interested in your computer’s graphics, and CPU-Z can reveal this sort of details for you.

The app has an almost invisible memory footprint, proposes a clear-cut user interface, and all the data it gathers is offered in real time, so all things considered, it has all the prerogatives of a reliable tool of its kind.

To be more specific, it can carry out a single- or multi-thread analysis, with the possibility of using a multitude of references in order to make relevant comparisons.

On an ending note, CPU-Z offers a comprehensive evaluation of your PC’s capabilities that you can turn into HTML or TXT reports in the blink of an eye.

CPU-Z is one such application serving an informative purpose, what with its ability to reveal all sorts of details on your processor, memory, cores, and more, so that you know how to make the best of your computer.

Regarding your system’s memory, its type, size, and timings are shown.

Plus, the app gathers some data on your clocks’ core speed and bus speed.

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