Download CCleaner
Download CCleaner

Download CCleaner


The latest CCleaner version is 5.88.9346. Download the free licence CCleaner app for your Windows device.

Download CCleaner, It can definitely bring back a little power to any computer or even make it as good as new.

Furthermore, you are also able to fix registry issues with the help of a dedicated tool.

Just select the download you prefer.

Download CCleaner

Major functions are stored in tabs found in a side panel, an upper part constantly displays system info, while the rest of the space is dedicated to actual options you get to handle.

The scan process, as well as the scrubbing is done incredibly fast, with post-process details displayed.

Download CCleaner
Download CCleaner

Malicious content can come uninvited from the information superhighway, leftovers after removing programs have an impact on performance, and broken registries can cause serious compatibility issues, and an antivirus solution doesnt offer complete protection.

Launching the application brings up a cleverly simple interface, intuitive enough to let anyone instantly accommodate.

Two tabs let you select either Windows features or specific applications, each with its own list of areas to be cleaned.

Download CCleaner
Download CCleaner

You can simply analyze an area to see what needs cleaning so that you dont accidentally remove any important files.

Similarly to the cleaner, there are several selectable areas, such as missing shared DLLs, ActiveX and Class Issues, obsolete software, start menu ordering or Windows services.

Thus it can run on multiple configurations, not to mention the speed and quality at which it gets the job done.

The applications usability does not end here, because more tools are available under the homonimous tab.

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Whats more, system restore points can be viewed in a list, with the possibility to have them removed for a little extra space or comfort.

It takes little of your time to get you acquainted with what it has to offer, with light impact on system resources.

Using little system resources

Keeping an eye on your systems resources might come as a surprise, because CCleaner only takes advantage of as little as it can.

One of the applications which can aid in this situation is CCleaner, equipped with all tools needed to scrub every bit of your computer.

The Disk Analyzer is there to help identify large files on fixed or removable drives, while selecting folders of interest.

An integrated uninstaller lets you safely remove applications so that they leave no traces, startup items can also be deleted, as well as browser add-ons or extensions and even context menu processes.

Cleverly organized interface

However, performing periodic scans and cleaning can keep your PC in good shape.

You can choose to wipe an entire drive, be it internal or removable, with options to select either free space or whole drive, as well as the security level.

Easily get rid of junk files

The “Cleaner” feature helps you get rid of various files that are no longer of use or take up disk space for no further reason.

The ad-supported version offers Google Chrome for download and install but it skips this offer if you already have it installed.

Among others you are able to select recent documents, autocomplete history, saved passwords, cookies or even old Windows installations.

To sum it up, CCleaner is definitely a must for any computer, whether or not it is connected to the Internet.

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