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Download Bandicam

Download Bandicam


The latest Bandicam version is 5.3.3 Build 1895. Download the free licence Bandicam app for your Windows device.

Download Bandicam, Are you recording games? There is a specific setting for that.

Youll soon come to realize that Bandicam is more like a recording studio than a screen recorder.

Those options that are not shown on screen, right from the beginning, can be accessed just as easily thanks to an intuitive arrangement of menus.

Download Bandicam

This one-stop shop for screen recording and capturing is probably one of the more popular choices when it comes to the above-mentioned actions.

So far, this strategy seems to have worked well, as there arent really a lot of apps that can match Bandicams versatility.

Download Bandicam
Download Bandicam

Make sure youve got the right tab selected.

It has been constantly improved in order to give birth to a reliable and useful product.

Download Bandicam
Download Bandicam

With Bandicam, all functions are visible from the start.

Also, begin recording with the help of the big, red button.

Looks arent bad either.

Keep track of your recordings size in the upper-right corner.

The audio format can also be adjusted for videos.

The app works with a Windows 10-like minimalist theme, so blending in with modern operating systems wont be an issue either.

As far as images are concerned, youll be pleased to see that adjustments can be made from a single menu.

Depending on the task youd like to pursue, the application offers various options.

The interface is straightforward If you feared this app was one of those complicated programs that confuse you when it comes to accessing features, you were dead wrong.

All known formats are supported by the program, so there wont be any issues with other project integration.

Combine your screen recording with a live, webcam-driven contribution.

Video adjustments include frame settings, video quality, and file format.

Capturing your screen the right way Bandicam offers settings based on your scenario.

You can record parts of your screen, a full-screen or just around your cursor.

Video and Image spell out their functions simply by looking at their name.

Pausing the recording process, as well as stopping it, can also be triggered from the same area.

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