Download AVG Antivirus
Download AVG Antivirus

Download AVG Antivirus


The latest AVG Antivirus version is 16.131.7924. Download the free licence AVG Antivirus app for your Windows device.

Download AVG Antivirus, The Smart Scan feature includes possibilities to scan the whole computer or specified locations.

However, if in need of more advanced protection modules, one recommendation is AVG Antivirus.

E-mail Protection guarantees the integrity of incoming and outbound e-mails (including filtering of spam), while the PC Analyzerperforms a complete check on your computer in order to find any problems regarding registry errors, junk files, fragmentation errors, and broken shortcuts.

Download AVG Antivirus

During the installation process, users are prompted to select the components to be deployed on the system.

The Anti-virus component of AVG protects your computer system from viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans, while the Link Scanner blocks web-based attacks and network traffic when you're online.

Download AVG Antivirus
Download AVG Antivirus

The Free edition is packed with common functions that ensure a secure and virus-free experience for the average user.

AVG Antivirus provides users with an elegant, professional looking interface that offers quick access to its features.

Therefore, the download links for AVG Antivirus PROredirect you to other AVG products that still get regular updates.

Download AVG Antivirus
Download AVG Antivirus

The main window shows whether the Anti-virus, Link Scanner, E-mail Protection, Anti-rootkit, PC analyzer and Identity Protection are active (in overview mode), while in the left window you can opt for a scan, update, or configuration of scan options.

If it’s not advanced enough for you, you can try the Internet Security Suite for additional features such as firewall or anti-spam capabilities.

The Identity Theft module serves for protecting your digital assets and blocks activities that lead to ID theft.

A short summary of its features includes Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware, Cloud Technology, Identity Protection, Smart Scanner, Link Scanner, E-mail and Social Network Protection and Safe Download Modules.

In addition, you can rely on the Cloud Technology for an up-to date virus database that ensures day-to-day protection.

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Since it's an anti-malware application, it's essential that users receive the newest updates to keep their computers protected.

We performed a full scan of our computer and while the entire process ran smoothly, it did take quite the amount of time.

Contrary to expectations, installing it does not take up more than a few minutes of your time, nor does it require a system restart.

This is a complete antivirus suite that aside from basic protection modules prepares and maintains a safe environment for surfing and social networking.

In conclusion, time spent with AVG Antivirus results in a safer, cleaner environment.

You can also schedule the software to perform scans on specified dates.

The antivirus solutions provided by AVG quickly made it to the top, due to their ability to protect computers from the latest threats via strong shields against spyware and online malware.

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